Presentation: Accountability and Transparency of the NPA | by Jean Redpath
Author: Crystal
Published: Mar 18, 2022

Transparency, Accountability, Independence Independence is an essential feature of the proper exercise of prosecutorial discretion. Independence requires that justice be dispensed without ‘fear, favour or prejudice.’ Independence cannot exist alone: it must co-exist with accountability. Transparency is required to ensure accountability: if no-one is seen to be held accountable for the exercise of prosecutorial discretion, how can the public ever have any assurance that decisions are not tainted or improper?

Presentation: NPA - Human Resources | by Lukas Muntingh
Author: Crystal
Published: Mar 16, 2022

The capacity, knowledge, skills and experience of an organisation's workforce will determine largely the extent to which it is able to fulfil its mandate. The aim is to problematise this particular issue in a succinct manner with the view to build consensus on understanding the problem properly in order to develop effective short to medium term responses.