Op-ed: Number of awaiting-trial prisoners increases under lockdown
Author: Jean
Published: Jul 27, 2020

At the start of SA’s lockdown, prisoners were released in a bid to reduce transmission of Covid-19 in prisons. The emphasis was on sentenced persons via special parole. Yet our most crowded facilities are remand centres, holding those awaiting trial. In the Western Cape, since April, there has been a worrying increase in remand imprisonment. What is causing this rise?

Op-Ed: Ngcobo is but one example of policing gone wrong
Author: Jean
Published: Mar 01, 2018

The events of Ngcobo are portrayed as unusual, maybe because few realise that rural former Transkei has a very high murder rate. Yet the South African Police Service allocates relatively few police officials to such areas. Now that SAPS members are among the dead, perhaps SAPS will reconsider.