Archived Newsletters

30 Days/Dae/Izinsuku September 2009
Author: hannes
Published: Sep 01, 2009

This month's newspaper articles focus on the following topics: Governance and Corruption; Parole and Sentencing; Overcrowding; Safe Custody; Escapes; and Prison-related information in other African Countries.

30 Days/Dae/Izinsuku August 2009
Author: hannes
Published: Aug 01, 2009

Media Reports for August included within the following topics are: Conditions of Detention; Governance and Corruption; Labour Relations; Sentencing, Pardons and Parole; Escapes, Deaths and Security; and reports on prison reform in other parts of Africa.

30 Days/Dae/Izinsuku July 2009
Author: hannes
Published: Jul 18, 2009

This month's newspaper articles focus on the following topics: sentencing and parole; overcrowding; prison conditions; governance and corruption; and articles about prison related information in other African countries.

CSPRI Newsletter No. 31 - June 2009
Author: hannes
Published: Jun 26, 2009

This newsletter focuses on the List of Issues recently released by the UN Committee against Torture in view of South Africa's next periodic report that is due 31 December 2009.

30 Days/Dae/Izinsuku June 2009
Author: hannes
Published: Jun 01, 2009

Media articles on prison related issues include the following: prisoners' rights, South Africans in foreign prisons, medical parole, sentencing, parole and pardons, unsentenced prisoners.

30 Days/Dae/Izinsuku May 2009
Author: hannes
Published: May 01, 2009

This issue captures news reports on the following topics: Sentencing and Parole; Conditions of Detention; Unsentenced Prisoners; Security and Escapes; and News reports from other countries in Africa.

30 Days/Dae/Izinsuku April 2009
Author: hannes
Published: Apr 01, 2009

Sentencing and Parole; Deaths in Custody; Election 2009; Security & Escapes; Medical Parole; as well as Media articles from other African countries.