ACJR Publications

This section contains ACJR publications and those of CSPRI (Civil Society Prison Reform Initiative), its predecessor.
Country Survey Report: Kenya
Author: Crystal
Published: Oct 11, 2021

Report by J Mangwanda with L Muntingh, T Lorizzo, K Petersen and J Redpath

RESEARCH REPORT: The Prosecution Service and the Provinces
Author: Janelle
Published: Sep 10, 2021

This paper explores the relationship between the provinces and the NPA by looking at the legal framework as well as a few case studies and examples of cooperation that have emerged. Recommendations are made for a way forward.

Op-ed: Inadequate and violent policing in KwaZulu-Natal: What's behind it?
Author: Crystal
Published: Jul 26, 2021

KwaZulu-Natal has long suffered from inadequate, corrupt and violent policing. Recent events have simply made it more obvious. The problem of policing in the province dates from before the transition to democracy. Policing is a national function - in South Africa is in crisis and in KwaZulu-Natal the crisis is magnified, writes Jean Redpath.